Our family story in CASA Da ABITARE

从巴伐利亚北部勒廷根森林就地取材,三代 “Melz先生”亲自带领熟练技师和学徒完成手工 家 具 的 每 一 个 制 作 环 节 ,一 丝 不 苟 地 承 袭 着 祖 辈的事业。恪守每件家具全球限量50件的极致 原则,解释了什么是德国式的无可挑剔。Melz先生们的事业 既 无 繁 华 雕 饰 ,亦 不 是 大 师 之 作 ,如 果说FALTWERK折叠餐桌仅凭美于无形 的精工细作便获得了2013年德国红点大 奖,似乎是不令人信服的,然而这样的作品 却征服了现场见过世面的评委们。 FALTWERK折叠餐桌的原理并不 神秘。备用的桌面可以对折合起藏于桌 下,想加大桌面就把餐桌向两边拉开,备桌 就会平缓地浮现,这样的折叠餐桌在中国 可 谓 屡 见 不 鲜 。问 及 其 特 […]

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We thank everybody involved in the Beijing design week for displaying or design works. It’s been a pleasure to exhibit and to be so well received.

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Red dot Gala and Ceremony

“On the 1st of July 2013 the Red dot Gala in Essen Germany took place. “ We had a great evening and been very glad to receive our award together with many others from the design world. 1st of July marked the high point of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013. More than 1,200 international guests celebrated […]

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Prototype FALTWERK

  The dinner table is one of the main products of the new Line-Eins Brand. we are happy to have almost completed the first Prototype. the development is a ongoing process and kept as busy for the resent 3 month.

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“a Premier, the first Faltwerk table ever assembled !”   February 7, 2013 Dinner table FALTWERK FALTWERK is a Product designed and built out of solid German Cherry wood and refined Steel. Its purpose is mainly for large-scale and open living and dining rooms. It benefits from the fact that its modern design still connects beautifully with classic interiors. […]

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