“What kind of story do I have to tell?”

  — About Christian Melz, Founder, LEIN EINS


LEIN EINS is not just a company, it is an ambition. An ambition is a dream, but also a passion – a desire to achieve something to the best of one’s ability.

LEIN EINS is the personal ambition of Christian Melz. Even more than quality, craftsmanship and design, this company is built on heritage. Christian is the third generation of Master Cabinet Makers in the Melz family. In 1952 his Grandfather Manfred resettled in Northern Bavaria upon return to Germany after World War II; there, he established a workshop producing his own unique, hand crafted furniture. In 1955, His Glaeserschrank (glass cabinet) Masterpiece was build and earned him the title Master. In the 1960s, his son Wolfgang Melz became a Furniture-Maker as well, completing his own master work in 1981.

And so to the present. Christian earned his Master-title in 2008. The same year, he moved to China to work as a Furniture Designer – a place completely different from the home in Germany that he had left behind. In Beijing, he adapted quickly to life surrounded by rapid urban development and the challenges that come with working in a foreign country. Yet the idea of starting his own company – one that would continue the tradition and quality of his forefathers’ work – was always with him. With the courage it takes to explore one’s vision Christian began, slowly, to ask himself “What is this project going to be?” The answer came to him sooner than he thought: “I realized that I must tell not only my own story, but those of my Father and Grandfather.”

And so, in 2012, Christian Melz began to work in earnest on making his dream into a reality. The name LEIN EINS was decided upon almost immediately, and reflects the focus and commitment which he brings to every aspect of his work. At the heart of LEIN EINS is Manfred Melz’s 1955 Masterpiece, which it is Christian’s dream to recreate for the present day; the brand’s products compose a contemporary collection from his original concept and design.


Christian’s vision is clear: “I want to show what my family can do, and to use inspiration from my home, bringing together the best of our 60 year-tradition.” The beginning of LEIN EINS in China marks the first appearance on the international market of this handcrafted German heritage. LEIN EINS designs are adapted for the contemporary moment without losing any of the quality that defines the original furniture pieces. Where others might stop, Chistian’s design work is just beginning to ensure that the details are correct. History and authenticity cannot be faked – these unique pieces show an attention to detail that cannot be found anywhere else, and no matter where they are, the standard is clear.

Innovation, integrity and tradition – these are the foundations on which three generations of Mels Masters have developed their skills in fine furniture-making. As Christian embarks on the journey of LEIN EINS in China, he does so with a special energy and passion passed from Father to son.  These unique pieces are the product of that passion and attention to detail, balancing old and new, traditional and contemporary. From the hands that created them, they can be passed on to future generations – this is what LEIN EINS is all about.