“a Premier, the first Faltwerk table ever assembled !”


February 7, 2013

Dinner table FALTWERK

FALTWERK is a Product designed and built out of solid German Cherry wood and refined Steel. Its purpose is mainly for large-scale and open living and dining rooms. It benefits from the fact that its modern design still connects beautifully with classic interiors.

FALTWERK can be extended 1m from its normal size (length 240cm / width 100cm / height 750cm) to create a solid 3,4m long dining table. This size can easily accommodate 10 people.

The main attraction is the detail of the mechanism. The table can be unlocked and moved from either side. This smooth and easy movement makes clearing the table unnecessary and keeps everyday life flexible. I addition, there is no lifting involved – the whole mechanism can be moved almost weightlessly by any man or woman. The visible mechanism with its wheels and strings gives the table not only synchronized movement, but also attractive detail.

Even when extending FALTWERK for the very first time, its purpose is immediately clear.