VIP installation service


LEIN EINS VIP Installation Service


Furniture installation is the final step in placing a luxury product at its final destination. In a home or in an office, it is the finishing touch.

Installation represents not only the closest contact with the client; it is time spent attending to a private place. The goal of our White Glove service is to make this a satisfying and comfortable experience for you, our valued patrons – it is the crowning moment of customer satisfaction! Why not trust the Senior Carpenters from LINE EINS to place your hand made furniture piece for you? Our technicians are trained in Germany, and receive regular training from the German Manufacturer.





The LEIN EINS White Glove service offers:


-Flexible schedule, according to customer preferences; evenings, weekends and holidays are all possible.

-Arriving goods check (arrival, unloading time, packing damage etc. digital image record) for full feedback to the transportation company and manufacturer.

-Controlled unpacking / quality check of parts before installation, insuring furniture and homes keep waste and damage -free and to prevent the installation of compromised goods.

-Fully leveled and adjusted installation to the highest German standards.

-Professional introduction to furniture use and cleaning.

-Final cleaning of the installation area (spotless), and recycling of all waste packaging.

-Full customer satisfaction and quality report: includes detailed quality check, installation procedure, cleaning quality and simple customer questionnaire (signed by the customer).

-Leaving VIP hotline information, Shop details and a small gift from us to the client.

A full report will be submitted within 2 working days.


Time and Charges

< 4 hours’ work included at the site (including loading/unloading) = ½ days

4 -10 hours = 1 full day

Day rate: 2,000RMB per worker, per day (standard 2 persons for regular size furniture).

Workers’ transportation (within 5th ring) and report included.

e mail:   service@line-eins.com